Keep your boat in "mega yacht condition" for a flat rate.





This is the perfect solution for keeping your yacht spotless and always ready to enjoy at a reasonable price.


Our experience in the Mega Yacht Industry and level of expertise guarantees excellent boat care methodology and ensures that we only use the best and most environmentally friendly brands of cleaning products (Sea-Shield®) and professional utensils, in order to maintain all elements of your vessel in top condition, saving you lots of money over time.


Our customer is usually the owner or captain of a private or charter boat, ranging from 15 to 40 meters (50-130ft) in length that needs to outsource the maintenance services while staying or based in the Barcelona area, especially for those yachts that will only hire full-time crew during the summer months.


The most important feature of our service and the fact that sets us apart from our competitors is that the standards of the service we provide come directly from the Mega Yacht Industry and this we apply to “smaller” boats.


These standards are defined by:


1. Cleaning products we use. Those are the most advanced and environmentally friendly products available.

2. Cleaning utensils we use. Using the right tools cleans and protects without scratching or damaging surfaces.

3. The method we learned from working on mega yachts.

We prepare special packages tailor made for every type and size of boat and the specific needs of each owner or captain.

We offer a comprehensive package that includes at least one detailed wash-down per week, and one teak special care cleaning and stainless steel polishing per month.


We will also recommend any treatment your boat might need (such as polishing of your hull or superstructure, teak repair works or supply and replacement of any mechanical parts) for which we will provide a free quote.



"Give your boat the Mega Yacht treatment!"



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